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Obituary for Reuben Richard Kenneth Lee

SUNRISE - June 15, 1956

Born in San Diego, California on June 15, 1956, Reuben Richard Kenneth Lee came into this world fighting! Yes, from birth he was a true fighter, in every sense of the word. He was fearless, bold, undeterred. A person who rarely backed down, he would stand his ground and meet any challenge head on.

In his youth Ken was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. As he grew older, his life led him down paths that took him away from serving Jehovah, but Kenny was living proof that, even after many years, someone can be given another chance to serve God and be back in his love.

Kenny, married and had two children, James Edward Calvin (Papa) and Monisha Virgina. He eventually relocated to the state of Washington and the time came when Ken was determined to turn his life around. His fighting spirit served him well, then, as he fought hard to get back on the right path. He felt Jehovah’s love and mercy and like a lost sheep gone astray he was found and brought back into the fold. A true “ Prodigal Son”! His Mother Bessie, before she died, had reason to REJOICE as Ken returned to serving Jehovah, and she was able to have a joyful spiritual Family Reunion with Kenny, and his siblings.

Kenny was still a fighter, still fighting, but now he was fighting the “Fine Fight of the Faith.” To him that fight meant preaching the good news of God’s Kingdom to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE! The good news about the time in the future when the earth will be restored to Paradise and we could get to know him as “FARMER KEN”! YESSS! Many may not have known it, but Ken loved planting vegetables and working with the soil, and he was looking forward to the time in Paradise when he could farm his own land, plant his own food, and like his Grandmother Lee use to speak about, live under his own vine and fig tree

Ken LOVED sharing the good news about the Paradise to come informally. Informal witnessing was what he did! With enthusiasm and joy he talked to his neighbors in the building where he lived, the Cafe owner where he ate breakfast on his way to meet the field service group, the person at the bus stop, people at the grocery store. During the last years of his life one of his favorite places to witness was at Dialysis. Ken shared his kingdom hope with the staff, Nurses and other patients! He said It was his favorite place because, the people getting Dialysis couldn’t get up and go, he had a captive audience! He loved it! When he shared experiences about his ministry work, you could tell that informal witnessing brought him soooooo much joy!

During the latter years of his life family and friends alike all saw a side of Kenny that was endearing. Spiritual minded, fun loving, funny. A brother who loved Jehovah and spent the last years of his life walking on the road to life that leads to an eternal future of serving his Creator Jehovah. - Matthew 7:13, 14.

SUNRISE - June 15, 1956

Gave birth to Ken the Fighter
At first a wayward life he led
Then he returned to JEHOVAH
And good news he spread
He really did care about people
But if you rubbed him
The wrong way
The Fighter in him
Would jokingly say
Don’t let me have to come out
Of retirement on you, Yes,
Ken had a sense of humor too
The sun now is setting
As in reflection we sit
Contemplating how life is
Fleeting just like a mist
That for a little while is here
And then, quickly disappears
Known as Kenny to family
And Ken to friends
A Fighter until the end
And then . . .

SUNSET - September 14, 2021